With a Master’s Degree in Film & Media Studies from Arizona State University with a concentration in Screenwriting, GiraffeLight’s creator Stephanie E. Katz is proficient in crafting narrative structure and formatting scripts for feature films, television sit-coms, short films, playwriting, and sketch comedy skits. Stephanie has worked as a spec screenwriter and work-for-hire screenwriter for over 7 years.

While the creative component is undeniably an essential part of the screenwriting process, for a script to have a chance for development, it must be cost-effective to produce and have mass audience appeal. GiraffeLight takes these business factors into consideration when approaching the writing process to give your project the best chance at success.

If you have an original concept and are looking to hire a screenwriter to bring that idea to life, GiraffeLight has the creative and business experience to consult on the development potential of an idea, compose an official treatment for consideration by production studios, write a completed first draft, revise additional drafts in preparation for principal photography, or edit outside materials that are in need of restructuring or innovative problem solving.

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