GiraffeLight offers coverages on the following types of materials:

  • Book Coverage Option: 5-8 page coverage
  • Feature Script Option: 3-5 page coverage
  • TV Pilot/Spec Option:  3-5 page coverage
  • Treatment Option: 1-2 page coverage

We offer professional analytical coverages on both a quantitative and qualitative level according to the following line items:

1) loglines
2) plot synopses
3) overall concept potential
4) plot structure
5) character development
6) dialogue quality
7) production value/marketability
8) budget range
9) potential audience appeal
10) religious content [optional]

Our coverages offer knowledgeable insight into whether or not a creative material has the necessary elements to warrant further discussion or consideration for production costs.

*GiraffeLight requires all clientelle seeking coverages to sign a release form
before we will agree to review any and all non-published materials*

*GiraffeLight will gladly comply to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before reviewing creative materials if client requests/requires it*